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The uniqueness
of AposHealth®

Compared with other options—such as painkillers, injections, surgery and other biomechanical treatments—it is easy to appreciate the unique benefits and value of AposHealth®.

How AposHealth® is Unique

How is AposHealth® unique compared with other knee pain treatments?
Here’s how!


Similar to painkillers and injections, AposHealth® is clinically proven to temporarily relieve knee pain42.

Additionally, AposHealth® is clinically proven to improve gait measurements such as muscular control45 and coordination45, walking speed43 and single limb support which relates to balance43. And AposHealth® is non-invasive and safe42.

Surgery, such as total knee replacement, has produced significant results in pain reduction and improved function.

AposHealth® has been clinically proven to improve function42 and temporarily relieve knee pain42.

And while some patients cannot, or do not want to, go under the knife, AposHealth® can be a welcome option.

Biomechanical treatments such as orthotics, braces and walking aids attempt to stop or even reverse the cycle of pain by reducing loads. However, most, if not all, of these biomechanical treatments are not continuously monitored by a clinician.

AposHealth® provides both biomechanical training and neuromuscular training at once and is personalized and monitored by a trained clinician.

Pain treatment packed into a foot-worn medical device

Imagine an easy-to-use knee pain treatment that provides theraputictherapeutic benefits43 without disrupting the patient’s daily routine. That’s AposHealth®.

AposHealth® helps patients to perform therapeutic movements while going about their lives and doesn’t require any special movement exercises. Patients gain the benefits of AposHealth® just by wearing the shoes while going about the activities they would be doing anyway.

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