[Watch] Effortless Success – How AposHealth® Works Without You Changing Your Routine

People have been wondering how AposHealth® improves walking patterns (gait) while patients go about their regular routines. This is how the AposHealth footworn device re-educates your brain and body towards better movement patterns42 while you go about your regular routine.

How does that work? AposHealth works ‘in the background.’ Here’s how…

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Have you ever been pondering a problem one day and woken up the next morning with a solution?

Do you know why that happens?

It is because your brain has a fantastic ability to work things out in the background while you’re doing other things.

AposHealth applies this same idea to treating joint pain. By wearing the AposHealth footworn device for about an hour a day, you can go about your regular activities while your brain and muscles work in the background.

When you wear your AposHealth device while doing something as simple as preparing your breakfast, the brain is doing more than thinking about a cup of coffee. It is simultaneously learning about how the muscles in your legs and in your back can work together better.

The secret lies in the placement and calibration of the under-sole ‘Pods.’

The Pods are custom-calibrated and optimized, by a trained clinician, according to your specific body alignment, symptoms, movement patterns and medical history. Thus, various inserts, sizes, and placements can be used.

The Pods’ convex surfaces are designed to cause a slight wobble—also known as “micro-instability”— which stimulates your brain to make small but important adjustments in your muscle control and movement patterns.

Over a few months of AposHealth your muscular control improves1 and these new movement patterns become second nature2.

And this is why you can treat pain3 and improve function3, while going about your daily routine.

Thanks for your interest in AposHealth. If you would like to see patients speaking about their AposHealth experiences, please see our Patients Stories page.


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