Patients with Low Back Pain Improved Walking Patterns After 3 Months of Apos®

A study evaluated the effect of 12 weeks of Apos® treatment on the gait measures (walking patterns) of patients with non-specific low back pain. The study found significant improvement in the patients’ gait patterns, including increased speed, length and limb support.

Patients with non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) alter their gait patterns, i.e., the way they walk. This is considered a protective mechanism, as patients try to avoid extending their hip and spine ranges, to minimize the forces acting on the body. In addition, these patients experience changes in neuromuscular control, possibly due to the pain.

A study evaluated the effect of 12 weeks of Apos® on the gait measures of 19 subjects with chronic non-specific low back pain. Following the therapy, the study found significant improvement in the subjects’ gait patterns, including an increase in gait speed, step length and single limb support. The asymmetrical differences that accompanied their condition were also eliminated.

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