Healthcare Global Discusses AposHealth® as a Treatment for MSK Pain Without Surgery or Drugs

A new foot-worn device is helping people improve painful musculoskeletal conditions without having to leave their homes or experience invasive treatments.

AposHealth® has been developed by experts in orthopedics and sports medicine, and can treat a range of problems including knee osteoarthritis, back and knee pain. It could also help eliminate the need for injections, painkillers and surgery.

The device has been designed to address the underlying causes of pain by temporarily shifting pressure from the painful areas, while re-educating muscles for a healthier walking pattern, even when the device isn’t being worn.

Treatment begins with an initial consultation and computer analysis of the person’s walk, to analyse movement patterns and the root causes of pain. AposHealth® then works by redistributing body weight and correcting the regular types of movement that are causing pain.

Fitting the device requires an initial visit to a clinician, this is followed by a further five visits over the course of a year to readjust it as the patient’s coordination and muscular control improve.

Research published in The Journal of the American Medical Association states that knee osteoarthritis patients treated with AposHealth® experienced a reduction in pain after 24 weeks.

In the US, it has recently been announced that AposHealth® will be covered by Healthfirst, a large not-for-profit health insurance company. In the UK it is covered in certain areas by the National Health Service (NHS) making it free of charge for people who would be likely candidates for joint replacement surgery. A spokesperson for the Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group in England, said: “AposHealth has had positive clinical outcomes for a significant number of our patients who were enlisted into the programme.

“Patients have demonstrated a significant reduction in pain, improvement in daily functions such as getting dressed or going shopping and increased their walking speed by 16% Most importantly, 98% of patients who were in treatment for at least 12 months would recommend AposHealth to their friends and family.”

Cliff Bleustein, President and CEO of AposHealth®, commented: “AposHealth® is uniquely positioned to help knee osteoarthritis and low back patients with temporary pain management and functional improvement, while providing clinicians with a new service offering that delivers a value-based approach to musculoskeletal conditions.”

Don’t let knee or lower back pain hold you back any longer.

Many insurances cover Apos completely.

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