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AposHealth® is an innovative, personalized, drug-free and non-surgical solution which has been clinically proven to temporarily alleviate knee pain42 and improve mobility42 for knee pathology. Developed by doctors from the fields of orthopedics and sports medicine, AposHealth® is based on established scientific principles of biomechanics and neuromuscular control. The therapy program utilizes a personalized footworn device and is performed in conjunction with the patient’s regular day-to-day activities. AposHealth® is able to redistribute the forces that contribute to joint pain, while simultaneously re-educating the brain and muscles to work more efficiently, thereby creating healthier walking patterns42 and improved function42. Over 100,000 people worldwide have participated in AposHealth® to date.

The AposHealth® Trained Clinician becomes a part of a network of selected private and hospital practices that have qualified to deliver AposHealth®. The ATCs can offer AposHealth® to customers suffering from knee, back, and hip conditions as an integrated part of their offerings, which can enhance patient outcomes, retention and satisfaction as well as help to differentiate their practice.

Any physical therapy or orthopedic practice that is looking to add an effective, innovative, high-end solution to their current portfolio of therapies.

To enquire, please email [email protected]. Our representative will contact you to set up an initial discussion where both sides can assess the feasibility of a potential partnership.

Upon reaching a mutual agreement, a memorandum of understanding is signed and the partner undergoes a theory training course. This is followed by a period of on-site training delivered by our own dedicated trainers. In the meantime, full IT and operational support ensure that the partner has the equipment in place to begin providing patients with AposHealth®. Upon completing the training course, the provider can offer AposHealth® as part of its portfolio to existing and new customers – and enjoy all of the benefits of this innovative solution.

The AposHealth® head office actively supports the provider throughout this process by assigning dedicated staff and providing clinical, scientific, logistical and marketing resources.

The training and authorization process includes both a home study module as well as attendance of theoretical and practical modules. The courses are performed in small groups and are scheduled at least a month in advance. The course develops the fundamental knowledge on the methodology of AposHealth® and provides therapists with first-hand experience administering AposHealth® to patients. The training process consists of theory and practical modules combined and graduates are qualified to administer AposHealth® to patients with knee, low back and hip conditions.

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