Apos® Study Reveals: 87% of Apos®-Treated Patients With Knee OA Did Not Pursue Further Surgical Treatment at 5 Years

Apos® Study Reveals 87% of Apos® treated patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis did not need to pursue further surgical treatment at 5 years.   

AposHealth® is proud to announce the acceptance of a research article in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Research. This study conducted by Montefiore Health System demonstrates a remarkable 87% of patients with knee osteoarthritis treated with Apos® did not need to pursue further surgical procedures at 5 years.

This research solidifies Apos® track record of success in treating knee osteoarthritis. The consistent results from two other studies reveal an impressive 89% avoidance rate in TKR over six years and an 81% avoidance of TKR at the five-year mark. These findings underscore the effectiveness of Apos® in providing long-term relief for patients with knee osteoarthritis.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Apos® non-surgical solution emerges as a transformative force, providing a viable and sustainable alternative for patients and presenting a compelling case for payors and employer groups seeking innovative, cost-effective solutions for musculoskeletal care.

For those interested in accessing the study, the original publication can be found here:


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