Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis explained

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis – and knee osteoarthritis, affecting approximately 50% of people over 65, is the most common type of OA.

When severe, knee OA can be debilitating, making simple actions like climbing stairs or tying shoelaces extremely difficult and frustrating.

Apos® as a treatment for knee osteoarthritis

The latest clinical evidence suggests that biomechanics plays a much larger role in osteoarthritis than previously thought. Fortunately, Apos® is designed to address the underlying biomechanical causes of knee osteoarthritis.

The Apos® treatment works by reducing and redistributing the load on the affected joints. Using a personalized foot-worn device for about one hour a day, Apos® introduces “controlled micro-instability” – an innovative way of reeducating your muscles and correcting your body’s alignment.

And Apos® fits effortlessly into your everyday life. The device can be worn during your normal activities at home, at work, or outside. It’s non-invasive, drug-free, and super easy to comply with.

FDA Cleared

Apos® is FDA-cleared for treating knee osteoarthritis and can be for general wellness to support conditions of the hips and lower back.

Clinical research about Apos®

Apos® is a clinically proven treatment for knee osteoarthritis. Clinical studies have shown that patients with knee osteoarthritis who used Apos® experienced:

  • Temporary pain reduction42
  • Improved function42
  • Improved quality of life43
  • Improved biomechanical measurements, such as reduced knee adduction moment, reduced knee flexion moment, improved muscle activation, improved spatiotemporal gait patterns42

A two-year follow-up study found that the positive effects of the treatment lasted and found a steep difference in the need for total knee replacement (TKR/TKA) between patients who received Apos® treatment (2.6%) and those who did not (31%)42.

Unique benefits of Apos®

  • Clinically proven to improve gait (walking mechanics)42
  • Non-invasive
  • Reduces pain42
  • Improves function and quality of life43
  • Convenient and fits easily into your daily routine
  • Personalized to your body frame and movement patterns
  • Ongoing care to optimize results

So, is Apos® right for me?

Generally, the Apos® treatment is not suitable for individuals who:

  • Have unexplained recurrent falls
  • Experience balance problems (that require using a walking aid indoors)
  • Suffer from especially severe osteoporosis

Otherwise, if you suffer from knee pain and you want to enjoy walking again, then you are likely to be a good candidate for Apos®

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