Apos® Selected as the First Technology Supported by NHS England’s MedTech Funding Mandate for 2024/25

AposHealth® a disruptive global company focused on revolutionising the treatment of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions such as knee osteoarthritis (OA) is delighted to announce that its flagship solution Apos® has been chosen as the first new technology to receive support under the MedTech Funding Mandate (MTFM) for the coming financial year 2024/25. This important selection by NHS England marks a significant milestone for AposHealth® and reinforces its commitment to advancing patient care and driving innovation in the healthcare industry.  The MTFM policy is an integral part of the NHS Long Term Plan, designed to accelerate the adoption of innovative medical devices, diagnostics, and digital products. Its primary objective is to ensure that patients and the NHS have access to clinically effective and cost-saving medical technologies in a faster and more equitable manner. As part of the policy, Apos® will be made more accessible to patients across the NHS.  Following a positive recommendation from NICE, Apos® was selected for adoption under the MTFM on the basis that it is effective, cost saving within the first three years, and affordable to the NHS.  “We are honoured and thrilled to be selected as the first technology to receive support under NHS England’s MedTech Funding Mandate for 2024/25,” said Cliff Bleustein, CEO of AposHealth®. “This recognition is a testament to the value and impact of our non-invasive device, and we are eager to collaborate with NHS providers and commissioners to make Apos® accessible to those who can benefit from it the most.”  Sachin Gohil, Chief Commercial Officer at AposHealth®, emphasised the transformative impact of Apos® on patients’ lives and its potential to address the elective care backlog in the NHS. He stated, “NHS providers are encouraged to adhere to the policy guidance. In collaboration with the Academic Health Science (Health Innovation) Network, we are excited to forge strong partnerships with providers, clinicians, patient groups, and commissioners. Our goal is to build adoption throughout the system by leveraging NHS Supply Chain and MTFM to truly change patients’ options and lives.” 

About AposHealth®

At AposHealth®, we are passionate about revolutionising the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions simply, by addressing peoples’ gait and pain – to help them move better and live better. Our flagship solution, Apos®, is FDA-cleared to temporarily reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and has been used by over 120,000 patients. It can also be used as a general wellness device to help patients live well with chronic lower back and hip pain. With a 96% satisfaction rate,1 and 69 peer-reviewed publications, this system—consisting of gait analysis, a personalised foot-worn device, and a customised treatment plan—has helped patients worldwide move, live, and thrive. For more information, visit https://www.AposHealth.co.uk. 


1) Based on data captured at 3rd follow-up appointment and based on the commercial activity with National Health Service patients in the UK treated between 2019-2020 (N=106)

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