AposHealth®’s Breakthrough Study Shows 89% of Eligible Total Knee Replacement Patients Avoid Surgery for Up to 6 Years with Apos® 

AposHealth®, a pioneering healthcare company specializing in innovative non-surgical musculoskeletal interventions, is proud to announce results of a clinical study that demonstrates an impressive 89% of patients eligible for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery were able to avoid it for up to 6 years.1 The study, published in Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, underscores the […]

Apos® Demonstrates Long-Term Effectiveness in Avoiding Knee Surgery Providing Additional Evidence to Support Its Innovative Musculoskeletal Program

A newly released real-world study published in Musculoskeletal Care, showed that Apos® treatment helped knee-surgery candidates avoid surgery and improved clinical outcomes, such as reductions in pain, for three years.1 The new study was a follow up to an earlier 2-year study2 that demonstrated that 84% of patients with severe knee osteoarthritis (OA) treated with Apos® […]

Real-World UK Study Shows Apos® to Delay Knee Replacement Surgery by 2 Years or More

A UK-based study aimed to affirm the rate of surgery avoidance over 2 years among candidates for total knee replacement (TKR) who were treated with Apos®. The study, published in Journal of Orthopaedic Experience and Innovation, is the first on an NHS population demonstrating real-world outcomes within a UK knee pain pathway. Patients with end-stage […]

Apos® Shown to Delay Knee Replacement Surgery According to Real-World Study

A California-based study in a population-health setting further validates Apos® as an alternative for knee replacement surgery. Two hundred and thirty-seven patients with knee osteoarthritis, otherwise eligible for total knee replacement (TKR), have started treatment with Apos®. After 2 years of follow-up, the study revealed that 86% of these patients delayed TKR for at least […]

Easily Accessible Smartphone App Provides Gait Measurements Similar to Pressure-Sensor Walkway

Smartphone app validated as tool for gait assessment in clinics. Fifty-five patients with knee, lower back, and hip pain participated in a study that compared a new smartphone application for gait analysis against a pressure-sensor walkway as a gold standard. Both technologies were used simultaneously to measure patients’ gait velocity, step length and weight-bearing walking […]

Abstract Book Highlights Over 50 Peer-Reviewed Research Papers About Apos®

Available for download, this abstract book presents the extensive scientific evidence that was done independently and in collaboration with our research team. The book is divided into three main topics: Clinical studies – robust evidence that demonstrates that Apos® is a non-invasive treatment that significantly alleviates pain and improves function and quality of life. This […]

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