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Ankle pain explained

When we walk, the foot and ankle bear the full weight of our bodies. Not surprisingly, they are prone to injury. When not addressed sufficiently, injuries such as ankle sprains can result in long-term pain and reduced function.

Apos® and ankle pain

Apos® is designed to help you live better by working with the body’s natural biomechanics.

The non-invasive Apos® device is used for about one hour a day, and works around your schedule – you can wear it at home, at work or outside. Specially customized for each patient, it is designed to redistribute the weight with minimal effort on your part.

Apos® is FDA-cleared for treating knee osteoarthritis and can be for general wellness to support conditions of the hips and lower back.

Clinical research about Apos®

Unique benefits of Apos®

  • Non-invasive
  • Ongoing care to optimize results
  • Fits into your daily routine
  • Personalized to your body frame and movement patterns

Some of the more commonly used definitions for chronic ankle pain include ankle arthritis, recurrent ankle sprains, peroneal tendonitis, Achilles tendinopathy, Achilles tear and osteo-chondral defect (OCD).

Ankle pain can often be diagnosed by your physician or physical therapist by carrying out functional tests and discussing your symptoms.

Symptoms associated with chronic ankle pain include tenderness, swelling and, of course, pain.

Ankle pain can be caused by overuse, bad joint alignment, weak muscular control and injury.

Is Apos® right for me?

Generally, Apos® is not suitable for individuals who:

  • Have unexplained recurrent falls
  • Experience balance problems (that require using a walking aid indoors)
  • Suffer from especially severe osteoporosis

Otherwise, you are likely to be a good candidate for Apos®.

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